Beauty's Utlimate Gift Fellowship is a program that was created to provide services to organizations such as schools, residential homes for women or teens, recreation centers, churches and etc.  The Fellowship consists of six sessions that the young women can attend to enhance their appearance.
The Sessions:
 ·     Understanding Beauty:
It’s Deeper than My Hair, 
           Skin, and Nails
·         Hygiene:
My Wonderful Fragrance
 ·         Hair-Care: Maintaining My Style
Nourishing My Skin
·         Nail-Care:
Nurturing My Nails
·         Make-Up: Enhancing My Beautiful Features

During each session the young women increase their social, technical and networking skills by conducting a consultation (providing advice and incorporating their clients input), performing and completing services, and sharing their experience with the other young women in the fellowship. The women are also required to maintain an organized and clean work station in order to provide appropriate customer service. These skills are very basic but they are extremely beneficial to the advancement of their future endeavors.